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B20 Bio Fuel

Good News for Our Customers...

People Governor Andrew Cuomo has extended the New York State tax credit for residence who heats their home with biofuel through December 31, 2017 - that's five years of the state paying you to use clean, efficient and environmentally-friendly Bio20. The average customer, using 1,500 gallon of our Bio20 blend per year, will receive $300 from New York State.

Schildwachter Oil is the only Oilheat dealer that offers Bio20- an alternative fuel blend of 20% domestically grown soybean oil and 80% low-sulfur heating oil.

To receive a tax credit, you should file a Claim for Clean Heating Fuel Credit along with your tax return. Taxpayers should file Form IT-241.
To help you receive the tax credit Schildwachter will provide you with a statement of the amount of Bio20 purchased, for your personal New York State income tax return. Even if you do not pay any New York State income tax, you will still receive a $0.20 per gallon payment from the state.

This tax credit is also good for commercial properties too.

For more details on Clean Heating Fuel Credit, Contact your tax professional. For more information on Schildwachter's Bio20, our premium heating fuel, contact us or call